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Welcome To KRitter Country





Kritter Country is operated for the benefit of my mother and to carry on my late fathers life long love of his farm and cattle.

Ken Ritter Sr. was an extremely hard working, loving and dedicated husband and father and a “give you the shirt off his back” person to both friends and strangers alike. His and my mother’s lifelong toils give us a tremendous opportunity to carry on his passion for the land and cattle.

Your support of our efforts are greatly appreciated:

Thanks for your purchase and investment in your and your love-ones health and hopefully many pleasurable eating experiences. If you are new to hand raised grass-fed beef, you may want to research optimal preparation methods to maximize taste, texture and moisture.

Our animals are purposely raised to be different from commercial grain-fed and even commercial grass-fed beef. Our goal is to raise the animals via a natural diet and environment. Last year’s drought offered the animals less than ideal conditions, but with managed grazing and reduced headcount we maintained pretty good conditions. As a positive indication, the processor (a career butcher and grass-fed animal specialist) has indicated he was impressed with the quality of the beef. Unfortunately no guarantees can be made other than if you have any reasonable issues we will do our best to address them, if at all possible.