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Bunny Hop

Bunny HopBunny Hop is our very special Missouri Select American Simmental. Although she isn’t ideal for grass finishing, I bought her because I knew Jenn would fall in love with her…and it was love at first sight. Bunny is like having an overgrown dog, she is so gentle and loving and intuitive about Jenn’s disability. Sometimes Jenn has trouble griping treats and/or letting go of them, this makes it tricky for her to feed most of the cows who knock the treats out of her hands with their tongue. However, Bunny Hop gently and patiently takes the treats with her lips, no tongue and no teeth :)

In the picture, Jenn is kissing Bunny Hop’s nose. Some of our close friends told her she couldn’t kiss a cow, so here’s the proof! Some of my farmer friends and myself like to give Jenn a hard time because Bunny is scruffy and not a good body type for grass, but she’s a favorite of all our non farming visitors.