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Furry Kritters

A Pear Eating Poo

Tom playing with our Cockapoo, Andrew Jackson, as he’s eating a pear he discovered on Kritter County.

Zoe & Jones

100_3525Zoe & Jones are our newest furry kritters. They were rescued from a litter of wild barn cats. It took Jenn months of feeding them and sitting out on the porch before she gained their trust. Now, Jones (yellow) jumps on a lap any time one is available and Zoe (black) likes to ride the golf cart with Jenn when the mood strikes her.

Andrew Jackson

AndrewAndrew is the official live entertainment at Kritter Country.  He is a very lively 4 year old Cockapoo who is quite a character. Food and attention are Andrew’s motivation in life, if there’s food to be found he will find it.  He loves checking the cattle and going for his daily run, but as soon as it gets dark outside he passes out on mom’s lap.  Andrew also acts as a Service Dog for Jenn as he picks up things she drops and hands them to her.


MillieMillie is our 3 year old Great Pyrenees.  We met her at a local shelter when she was 8 weeks old with her 2 sisters.  Of course I loved on all of them and decided Millie was the one for us.  When we got her home, we discovered she had Parvo and was very sick for quite awhile.  Millie has the sweetest, most laid back personality ever.  Although she’s sweet to us, she must not be towards predators because we haven’t lost any calves to coyotes since Millie’s been on duty.  In the picture she’s taking a morning snooze on our wood pile after her night of guarding the cows.


SuzyMiss Suzy is definately The Princess of Kritter Country. She is a 9 year old Cockapoo who is a real daddy’s girl.  She even knows Tom’s ringtone and whines only when he calls.  Suzy loves riding the ATV and dirt bike when we go check the cows as long as it’s not raining or too cold.  Keeping her rowdy little brother, Andrew, in line is her most stressful job.