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Jersey Girls


BooActually Boo is Jenn’s Jersey boy.  She fell in love with him at a local Jersey farm, so she bought him to breed her Jerseys once and then sell because Jersey bulls are known to get honery.  So far he’s still gentle and very approachable.  This is one of our favorite cattle pictures.


LaylaLayla came to us as an adult to use as a substitute momma for calves who may need more milk for whatever reason.  She had a beautiful Angus/Jersey baby boy this winter named Eric.  She’s now doing a great job raising Eric and Buck, who was a twin that wasn’t getting enough to eat from his mom.


100_3023Piper is the first Jersey girl we raised.  The first calf Jenn ever bought.  Piper is a bad girl, always hanging out with the boys…she’s always standing by Bubba the bull.