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New Arrivals

Surprise Chicks!

ChicksTom was riding around looking at cows and discovered this momma chicken with her 12 babies!  We never knew she was MIA somewhere sitting on eggs.

Vixen’s baby

Vixen had a baby boy this year!  All our babies this fall are very laid back.
Vixen & Baby

Welcome Spanky

Spanky is the cutest baby boy of the fall!  Normally boys don’t get names because they eventually have to leave us, but he was too cute to not name.  Spanky is the first boy Crazy’s had in 5 years.  We’ve kept her last 4 white face girls to be mommas.

Crazy & Spanky


Double Stuff


Double Stuff is the first Belted Galloway born at Kritter Country.  She was born August 3rd, 2013 from our heifer, Oreo.  We expected a baby in August, but her arrival was a surprise as we hadn’t noticed any of the typical birthing signs.  Tom went out to round up an escapee calf and noticed a baby belt in a ditch!  He got her out of the ditch and took her in the barn.  She needed a few bottles to get her a good start before letting them out to explore her new world!  Double Stuff is extra special because she is the first calf from a cow that Jenn has bought and raised, thus the pink ear tag :)