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Free Range Chickens

REAL Chickens are free


Stress-Free Chickens

  • Because the chickens are living free-range, they aren’t as stressed out as chickens raised in cages. The chickens have more space instead of being raised in tight crowded quarters next to thousands of other chickens. Disease is less apt to spread when chickens are raised free-range and their lives are less stressful. Because they aren’t as stressed, they live healthier lives and are healthier for people to eat.

No Antibiotics

  • Most chickens raised in the meat production industry are given antibiotics. The antibiotics given to chickens are then ingested by consumers when the chickens are cooked and eaten. These antibiotics could have unintended effects on the people who eat them. The antibiotics could make bacteria and infections more resistant to treatments and create stronger strains of bacteria. Our free-range chickens aren’t given antibiotics, and are also free of hormones.


  • When chickens are able to grow healthy and naturally, their meat is in better condition and has more flavor than meat from conventionally grown chickens. The chickens are able to get more exercise, which is healthy for their bodies and improves the quality of their meat. Also, they receive better nutrition, which also contributes to the flavor of the meat. The end result is chicken meat that is juicy, moist and rich in flavor.